Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

La Belle Vie now offers a state-of-the-art device called VOTIVA. VOTIVA is an FDA approved platform which employs radio frequency (RF) technologies for certain aesthetic applications. Radio frequency energy is commonly used in cell phones, as well as radio and TV broadcasting. The platform has two systems, FORMA V and MORPHEUS 8. FORMA V is designed to provide nonsurgical internal vaginal rejuvenation. MORPHEUS 8 addresses the external vaginal areas. 

The process of aging affects all aspects of a women’s body. When coupled with changes associated with childbirth, the natural loss of collagen and elastin, as well as a decrease in estrogen; changes in intimate areas like the vagina can occur. Collagen gives our skin strength, and elastin causes our skin to “spring” back into place after stretching. These changes include: 

  • Vaginal laxity 
  • Looseness, enlargement and wrinkling of the vaginal lips/labia 
  • Stress incontinence 
  • Decreased sexual function and sensitivity 
  • Weakening of the vaginal muscles 

VOTIVA is an innovative treatment that improves both internal and external vaginal issues non surgically. The procedure utilizes radio frequency technology to deliver targeted heating to the area. This results in tissue tightening and the production of more collagen and elastin. Treatment benefits include: 

  • Tightening of the vaginal walls 
  • Shrinking and tightening of the vaginal lips/labia
  • Improvement in dryness or irritation 
  • Improvement in stress incontinence 
  • Increased sexual function and satisfaction 
  • Increased self-esteem due to improvements in vaginal appearance 

During your initial consultation, our female specialists will discuss your concerns, perform an examination and create a personalized treatment plan. VOTIVA treatment is a relatively comfortable procedure that is performed in the office setting by our trained medical professionals. The procedure takes thirty to forty-five minutes and is similar to a visit to your gynecologist. VOTIVA treatments are performed in a private and relaxing atmosphere. Numbing cream is usually not needed for the FORMA V (internal) treatment. Numbing cream is usually used with the MORPHEUS 8 (external) treatment. 

FORMA V (internal) therapy causes a warm sensation with little or no discomfort during or after the treatment. External treatment with MORPHEUS 8 can cause some discomfort during the treatment and the areas that are treated will be somewhat tender and swollen for several days. Patients can resume regular activities immediately following treatment, but may be advised to avoid intercourse, swimming, hot-tubs and baths for a few days. 

Some women notice improvements immediately following the first treatment, but results usually occur over several weeks as tissues contract and collagen and elastin levels increase. A series of three treatments spaced about four to six weeks apart usually results in the most improvement, but the number of treatments will depend on your specific goals. Results are long lasting, but a single maintenance treatment once every year or two may be recommended. 

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