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The human body’s skin is an amazing organ. It can help regulate body temperature, protect from infection, and even regenerate itself. It can; however, leave a permanent scar with any type of injury, whether that is a burn or laceration, or a surgical procedure. Dr. Church always states to his patients that any time you cut skin you get a scar and it’s his job as a plastic surgeon to make a good scar. He prides himself in hiding incisional scars as much as possible and minimizing any repair scar that he evaluates and/or treats.

Whether you have come to la Belle vie Plastic Surgery for a cosmetic surgical procedure or for any skin related medical concern that needs a minor procedural excision/repair, be confident that Dr. Church will discuss it in length at your consult, then review again at the time of your scheduled procedural appointment. His staff will give specific after-care instructions based on what you’ve had done.


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