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Panniculectomy Surgery in Wilmington, NC

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Not the most common surgical procedure, but an effective one nonetheless. With this surgery, the focus is on removing the ‘pooch’ in your lower abdomen. Smaller areas can be removed under local anesthesia. Larger areas may require anesthesia. Excess skin is taken out, but there’s no muscle repair - which differs from a traditional abdominoplasty. As a result, the recovery time is far shorter for you.

Insurance Requirements

The following documentation requirements are requested by all insurance companies to be considered as proof for medical necessity for a panniculectomy.

  • If weight loss is due to gastric bypass surgery, you must be 18 months post-op from your surgery AND have maintained your weight for the past 6 months. (We will need a copy of the bariatric surgery operative note to send to your insurance company with the prior authorization request to document timeline)
  • Must have effects on your daily life activities due to the pannus which you can describe.
  • Have at least three months of clinical documentation where you have been treated for skin rashes due to the excess skin without cure of the rashes.
  • The abdominal pannus must hang at least 3-4 inches past your pubic symphysis which we will document with photographs at your consultation.

In order to submit a prior authorization request to your insurance company, we would need all of the above-mentioned documentation in the office before the submission of the request.


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