The Health Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Health Benefits of Breast Reduction

It’s true that you can have too much of a good thing. If you are blessed with large breasts, it may feel more like a curse.

Nearly 45,000 women choose to have a breast reduction for a variety of personal reasons. The choice is something these women do not regret as they reclaim their lives.

Getting surgery is scary enough for some women to decide to remain with their breasts. Don’t let fear be the deciding factor to shy away from fixing the breasts you are unhappy with.

There are many health benefits you get with breast reduction. Keep reading to learn if these benefits will help you.  

The Benefits Of Getting a Breast Reduction

Women decide on getting a breast reduction when they feel their chest is too large. Oftentimes, it can cause other issues.

Getting the procedure allows females to reshape their breasts and make it smaller. With the excess weight removed, there are also physical and emotional differences that benefit overall health.  

Regain Confidence and Self-Image

Women with smaller breasts tend to envy women with larger breasts and vice versa. Isn’t it ironic how we always want something we don’t have? Until you’ve lived with massive breasts, you couldn’t fully understand the negative impact it has on confidence and self-image.  

A woman’s sense of self is impaired because it’s hard to find bras in their size and clothes that fit properly. A majority of the bras that do fit them may not be attractive to their eyes. 

It can be uncomfortable to hide or expose the breasts because no matter what you may do, it feels as if people are not looking at you. They’re staring at your breasts. 

When the breasts go down in size, these personal matters are addressed. The embarrassment is gone and confidence is returned

Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

Carrying a lot of weight on the upper half of your body can result in musculoskeletal issues. Gravity wins as larger breasts pull the body downward and forward. The imbalanced posture soon results in extreme strain on the neck, shoulders, and back. 

The chronic complication later leads to pain as the nerves are pinched. In more serious cases, a woman can go through periods of migraines and numbness in the arms. The older a woman gets, the more spine-related issues may surface.

Women who already have existing spinal issues, like degenerative disk disease, will experience worsening of their symptoms quicker. Pain relief and avoiding postural complications are the main reason females seek breast reduction.

Appear More Proportional to Your Size 

Females with large breasts tend to appear top-heavy, especially when their body frame is small. This “lollipop” appearance can have a negative effect on women mentally. 

In an attempt to make things more balanced some women will go as far as to heavily bind their breasts. Doing this too often and too tight can come with consequences. Those who do this may experience respiratory issues and it’s not uncommon to feel light-headed and pass out. 

Reducing your breast size through surgery can give women a more proportional figure. The new breasts will be a better match for their waist, hips, and legs. 

Improved Physical Endurance and Fitness

Large breasts can also make it impossible to do most types of physical activity. Running, dancing or other forms of exercise that require a lot of movement make working out uncomfortable. 

As a woman works out, the breasts will follow and move excessively. The added weight can even make symptoms of pain worse. In many situations, women opt to exclude themselves from exercising because of this. 

When the breasts are reduced, there is less pressure on the chest and back. Working out will be a normal process after healing. 

Have a More Youthful Appearance

The heavier your breasts are, the quicker they will begin to sag. While sagging is a normal process, the weight of the breasts plays a major factor at the speed it happens. Of course, genetics and age affect the rate of sagging, but this sagging doesn’t happen as drastically as it does with weight. 

The level of breast ptosis women with huge breasts have is often on a greater scale. The areola may be closer to the base of the breast rather than the center.  

Young adults with big breasts may hate how their breasts look, and the sagging ages them. They don’t have the perky breasts other women with smaller sizes do. This can affect how certain clothing fits. 

Most females won’t wear outfits without a bra and getting intimate with a partner can be challenging. Getting surgery to drop down on your breast size can give you perkier breasts and a more youthful profile. 

Regain Quality Of Life and Love Your Results 

Patient satisfaction after getting a breast reduction complete is high. Many women are very happy with the choice they made, they only regret not doing it sooner. Best of all, the results are permanent. 

Quality of life for women is restored because they can do things they couldn’t before. The health benefits are both physical and psychological for women. Breast reduction surgeries are successful when you get it done with board-certified doctors. 

Get a breast reduction and, finally, you’ll be free to do the activities you’ve wanted to. You will be happy when you wear your clothes and just as happy without them. 

There are many surgical options in getting a breast reduction completed. Contact us to speak with a physician to find the best option for you. We offer free consultations. 

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