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A “nose job” can be one of the more refined yet defining procedures of the face. Dorsal “humps” and a “bulbous” tip can create a disproportion to the face and, as a result, self-esteem concerns. But, there are medical issues to consider too. If you suffer from breathing complications, surgery can correct the structural problems in the nose. It opens up the airways for added comfort.

Using a closed approach for this procedure, where tiny incisions are made, the surgeon can rasp or shave down the hump and remove cartilage from the bulbous tip, creating a more refined, proportionate nose. There is another approach, open, where the surgeon uses the columella to transform the nose’s structures. There is also the off-label technique of using dermal filler to perform a non-surgical nose job.

With a non-surgical nose job, injections change the shape of the nose without the need for surgery.
You may be a candidate if you want to change the size and width of the nose, or if there are deviation and asymmetry. Please note that not everyone is eligible for this procedure, due to septal concerns or multiple traumas, making it a more difficult and involved rejuvenation. If you have any questions, contact us now to speak to a qualified professional.


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