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This 39 year old lady had breast implants placed 21 years ago because she desired larger breasts. At the time she had them placed, her breasts were fairly small compared to her body, and she wanted to be more proportional. She gained breast tissue over the years due to aging, body changes, and babies. She felt that her breasts were now too big.

She was a good candidate for implant removal and a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time. In some other patients it is safer and less risky to remove the implants first, and then do the breast lift at a later date.

Her surgery was as an outpatient (she got to go home the same day) under general anesthesia (she was asleep). Skin from the bottom of the breasts and around the nipples was removed. Her nipples remained attached to the breasts. Her implants were then removed. Her breast tissue and nipple were then moved up to the proper position and the incisions were closed. All the stitches were under the skin, and there were no drains. The surgery took about 3 hours, and she went home after about 1-2 hours in the recovery room.

We used a long-acting numbing medication and gave her oral pain medications. Her recovery was well tolerated. At first her breasts were too full on top as expected, but she ended up with shape and size that she wanted. The “After” picture above is about 4 months following surgery.

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Dr. Jeff Church