After Breast Implants: What If You Want to Go Bigger?

after breast implants

So you finally took the courageous plunge and got breast implants. Congratulations! That can be a long, sometimes emotional, and even scary journey. But you did it!

After breast implants, it’s time to love your new body and hopefully embrace the new confidence your new breasts give you. But what if you want to go bigger?

Having that desire may surprise you, but it’s actually not all that rare. Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery, then decide they actually want a bigger size. 

If you’re feeling shy or nervous about it, here are the questions to consider before you approach your surgeon.

Have I Waited An Appropriate Amount of Time?

As you know, breast augmentation surgery requires recovery time. You were (and maybe still are) sore, painful, and swollen.

First of all, it wouldn’t be ideal to undergo surgery while still dealing with soreness and pain from another surgery. You want that pain to be long gone before you do it again.

Even more importantly, the swelling from your initial surgery must be completely gone before you revisit it. Operating on swollen tissue and skin can cause problems with uneven and incorrect size.

This usually takes at least three months, sometimes up to six months. If you’re in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to wait, just to make sure all of the swelling is down.

Do I Know How Much Bigger I Want To Go?

Do you fully understand exactly how much bigger you want to go? You don’t want any miscommunication between you and your surgeon!

The procedure you’re thinking about is called breast implant revision surgery. If you’re wanting to go bigger, the implants go up by cc’s. 200 cc’s is about 1 1/2 cup sizes.

If you’re considering undergoing breast implant revision surgery, educate yourself on exactly what new, bigger size you want. Check out the before and after photos available on our site, ready for your reference!

Do I Have Any Complications?

Breast implant revision surgery is for women who want to go bigger and for women who suffer complications from their initial procedures. It’s important to distinguish whether your new procedure is just for enlarging your size, to fix complications, or both.

Of course the procedure is simpler if it’s just to enlarge your breast size. Talk to your surgeon about any complications you might have had. Openly discuss the highs and lows of your healing process.

Your complete honesty can make a difference in your revision procedure. You want the best of the best and you want it done right, so don’t cut any corners!

If You’re Not Satisfied After Breast Implants, Don’t Worry!

If you’ve gotten breast implants, let yourself heal, and now you want them bigger, you’re not alone. And you’re not crazy. Plenty of women have been in the same situation.

After breast implants, consider the questions in this article. Don’t hesitate to approach your surgeon with your thoughts and concerns.

Contact us for a helpful, honest consultation. Learn all you can before making your decision, then go forward with confidence!

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