7 Signs It’s Time For a Breast Reduction

signs its time for breast reduction

Have you been thinking about possibly getting a breast reduction? Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain or you’re just uncomfortable, there are a lot of reasons why someone would consider a breast reduction. There can be an awful lot of incorrect information out there concerning breast reduction surgery.

Thankfully, there are doctors like Dr. Jeff Church that can talk to you about this procedure while putting you at ease at the same time. The first thing that should reassure you is that breast reductions are common, with almost 60,000 of them performed in 2017.  There are many reasons why some women need to consider a breast reduction. Cosmetic reductions can be performed because of the effects your breast can have on your lifestyle, dictating what you can wear as well as changing how you feel about yourself and how you look. Having a reduction can improve quality of life because of the symptoms that you may develop due to the size and weight of your breasts.

If a breast reduction is something that you are considering, then it’s a good idea to look at the signs that indicate you may need a breast reduction:

  1. Strap Marks. Bra strap grooving is a thing that almost all women with a large bust have come across in bra wars. The weight of your breasts pulling your bra south can leave painful bra strap marks in your shoulders, and you have to try out several brands and styles of bra to find the right one to bear the weight.
  2. Numbness In The Hands. The weight of your breasts can pull on your torso, and this pull can affect the position of your neck and ends up giving you nerve pain that radiates down your upper extremities, causing numbness and tingling. The upper back pain that comes with this is no fun, either!
  3. Posture Issues. Larger breasted women often stoop when they walk, partly to do with the weight and partly to do with trying to hide. It’s a natural thing that makes a lot of women feel self-conscious, but this stooping leads to postural issues, back and shoulder pain.
  4. Yeast Infections. Most women don’t realize that large breasts can cause yeast infections in the crease under the breasts. The substantial weight of the breast can rub against the skin, and if this becomes uncomfortable, it’s worth speaking to a specialist about it – especially if the issues is a recurring one.
  5. Neck Pain. If you carried a dumbbell around your neck all day, eventually you’re going to feel the weight, and your neck is going to become strained. It’s mostly what women with large breasts are doing, pulling on their muscles and the impact on the nerves in the neck can be damaging. If you can reduce that pain by having surgery to reduce the size of your breasts, then it’s something that will make sense for your health.
  6. Headaches. Large breasts can be the cause of migraines because of the strain on the muscles at the base of the head. These can be debilitating, causing massive issues with your day to day quality of life. Breast reduction surgery can be excellent for those who are suffering from headaches.
  7. Unwanted Attention. Lastly, sometimes the reason that some women go for reduction surgery is that of unwanted attention and embarrassment. Larger breasts often invite attention that isn’t always appreciated and can be embarrassing for a woman. Negative attention isn’t just an annoyance; it can have an impact on how a woman views herself and how she feels mentally. It’s not something to dismiss.

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